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Consciousness Medicine: Gary Bruno Schmid

14 October 2017

This site provides a forum for information and exchange on questions of the interplay between mind, body, and society. It promotes enquiry and research into all aspects of consciousness, in particular, into the power of imagination over life, health, sickness and death.

It also enables me to share my publications - both published and unpublished - as well as my lectures and workshops to a wide audience.

Since I am a Swiss citizen living and working in Switzerland, many of my publications, lectures and workshops are in German. If anyone is interested in translating these into English, be my guest, but please give me a chance to edit the final draft and please cite me accordingly. Thanks!

I am a Ph.D. physicist (atomic physics 1977), federally certified depth psychologist/psychotherapist (C. G. Jung Institute, Z├╝rich 1988) and medical hypnotherapist and training supervisor of medical hypnosis ( 1992).

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