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Building Resilience to Geohazards in the Face of Uncertainty

07 September 2017 — 08 September 2017 Geological Society of London, The

The impact of natural hazards on society continues to grow. Tackling this challenge needs physical and social scientists working together with stakeholders and communities at risk. It needs new ways of working, often in complex settings and difficult environments, to achieve positive and sustainable change.

This meeting aims to capture the growing activity in this area and provide a platform for the discussion of new results from major multi-disciplinary programmes involving researchers who are taking up the challenge to understand geohazards, manage risk and increase resilience. It will bring together the physical and social scientists and other experts to address the role that geoscience and geoscientists can play in building resilient communities and informed policymaking, into the future.

Keynote speakers include:

Professor Jenni Barclay (University of East Anglia, PI for Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas)

Professor James Jackson (University of Cambridge, PI for Earthquakes without Frontiers)

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