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News Release

MOTIVE case studies look for the best adaptive management options

08 December 2010 European Forest Institute

What do North Karelian forests in Finland have in common with the Montafon Valley in Austria? Both areas are increasingly affected by increasingly strong winds causing serious damage. Wind, drought and fire are main threats of climate change to forests on various locations in Europe.

In order to help the forest owners in the regions to find the best adaptive management options, the MOTIVE project (Models for Adaptive Forest Management), is testing different options e.g. in thinning regimes, rotation length and species composition in ten case study areas.

The results will be utilised in creating a database and offering tools for forest owners to show how their decisions may impact the future depending on the management strategies they choose.

The case study areas reflect the diversity in European forests as well as the different functions they have and main risks threatening their future.

The case studies are continuing with their stakeholder meetings at the local levels to discuss not only the expectations of the stakeholders but also to give further information on the projected future with management alternatives and main threats.

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