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News Release

South-Eastern Europe facing Knowledge Society - a Euroscience initiative

19 July 2009 EuroScience

The first of a new programme of Euroscience regional forums will be held in Sofia in the Spring of 2011. The agenda for the meeting was agreed at a two day brainstorming session held at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, Split, Republic of Croatia.

Because of the importance of the European integration for the area, the first of these events will try to answer the questions about the "South-Eastern Europe facing knowledge society". 'Knowledge society' is a widely used concept, put forward by the old industrial countries facing the challenges of globalisation. These questions include:

  • What does it mean for South Eastern Europe?
  • What are its main issues?
  • What is the social environment needed to establish such a Knowledge Society?
  • Which concept of society (globally) do we have in mind when speaking of Knowledge Society?
  • Can knowledge be identified only with the introduction of innovation in society?
  • How can the developments be monitored by the citizens?
  • Who contributes to building such a society?

Cross-border activities in the field of science should be recognised, encouraged and analysed, especially since recently the region was divided by inter-regional wars.

The aim of this event is for the countries of South Eastern Europe and their young generations to take their fate in their own hands and integrate fully into the European scientific community.


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