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ERCIM-ETSI-EC Infinity Initiative: “Bio ICT-The Heart in the Computer”

02 April 2009 — 03 April 2009 ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics)

The 2nd Edition of the ERCIM-ETSI Infinity Initiative will take place on 2-3 April at ETSI in Sophia Antipolis, France. This year, the theme of this series of advanced seminars will be ‘Bio ICT-The Heart in the Computer’, with a special focus on ‘Modelling and Simulation of Organs’.

The event is run in cooperation with the European Commission and is supported by the VPH (Virtual Physiological Human) Network of Excellence, a network of which ERCIM is a core member.

Systems Biology, the new science of complexity of living systems, will herald a fundamental change in paradigm with the appearance of life models and simulation systems making possible computer assisted experiments for biological, medical and pharmaceutical research. As such, the modeling and simulation of life is one of the most promising research areas with great hopes for humanity.

Building on the success of the previous event on "Ambient Computing", the three co-organisers will welcome experts who will share their vision of modelling and simulation of life while demonstrating how research and standards, supported by the European Commission, can benefit society and business. Delegates will include scientists, industry leaders, EC decision-makers and major players in the field.

With the purpose of ‘Fusing Research with Standardisation for Knowledge and Business’, ERCIM and ETSI believe it is essential that standardisation be considered early in the R&D cycle in order to facilitate maximum creation and development of home and international markets for the European industry.

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