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News Release

Portuguese artist Rudolfo Quintas receives 2nd prize at the 2009 Berlin Transmedial Festival

08 February 2009 GPEARI / MCTES - Gabinete de Planeamento, Estratégia, Avaliação e Relações Internacionais / Ministério da Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior

On the 31st of January the Portuguese artist Rudolfo Quintas was awarded a distinction Transmediale Award 2009 at the Berlin Transmedial festival for his work “Burning the sound”. 

Rudolfo Quintas was one of only 8 artists selected, from more than 900 applications from all over the world, for the culture and digital art festival competition,  where it went to receive the second prize. In his sound performance, characterised by a strong technologic component, Rudolfo Quintas worked the relationship of continuity between the physical body and the digital media. The flame – he explains - is used as a ritual instrument to “exorcise the sound as a spiritual experience”.

The performance was developed under the program “Rede de  Residências: Experimentação, Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia” a collaboration between Ciência Viva and the DGArtes/Portuguese Ministry of Culture with the support of the Institute of Systems and Robotics, Lisbon, Portugal

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