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Eudonorgan: an exclusive European project to to promote organ donation

18 September 2017 — 22 September 2017 Universidad de Barcelona

Only a 10% of the world population has access to a transplant and many patients die while on the organ transplant waiting list. According to community data, in the twenty-eight member countries of the European Union –with more than 500 million inhabitants- more than 87.000 people are in the waiting list to receive a transplant while the yearly donation rate is around 10.500.

Improving organ donation rates is one of the big challenges to spread the medical practice of transplants. The University of Barcelona is the leading institution of Eudonorgan, an exclusive European project to increase the rate of organ donors in the twenty-eight member countries of the European Union and neighbouring countries of the community area. Eudonorgan, promoted by the European Parliament and funded by the EU during the 2016-2019 period, will unfold actions aimed at health professionals and patients as well as civil society as a whole.

Next Monday, September 18, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona will hold the first session of a series of Eudonorgan training conferences of that will gather more than a hundred participants from the twenty-eight member countries of the UE in Barcelona.

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