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Publication Announcement

How can plant science solve the global challenges of the 21st century? Plants, People, Planet, a new journal to be launched at IBC, will seek to answer this question

24 July 2017 Wiley

The New Phytologist Trust (, in partnership with John Wiley & Sons, is announcing the launch of a new crossdisciplinary Open Access journal: Plants, People, Planet, led by Professor Simon Hiscock (University of Oxford, UK and Director of the Oxford Botanic Garden and Harcourt Arboretum). This exciting new journal will focus on the interface between plant science and society, offering a lively and accessible forum for plant science research and discussion in its broadest sense.

Plants are essential to life on Earth. They form a fundamental part of Earth’s ecosystems, stabilising its soils with their roots, acting as a sink for carbon dioxide and providing oxygen and sugars via photosynthesis in their leaves. Plants are at the centre of our everyday lives: without them we would not have the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the medicines that keep us well, the clothes we wear, or the fuel to warm our homes. They are an important component of climate control for the planet. Plants also bring colour to our homes, gardens, streets and recreational areas, and provide a refuge from the stresses of modern life in the form of parks and woodlands.

Our complex relationship with plants has resulted in the world as we know it today, shaping not only the Earth’s ecosystems, but also its societies and cultures. As the human race continues to grow the work of plant scientists has never been more important as it seeks to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century.

Plants, People, Planet will publish outstanding research across the plant sciences, placing it firmly within the context of its wider relevance to people, society and the planet. We therefore encourage scientists to consider carefully the impact or potential impact of their research on peoples’ daily lives, on society, and on the world in which we live. We welcome submissions from all areas of plant sciences, from ecosystem studies to molecular genetics, and particularly encourage interdisciplinary studies –within the social and medical sciences and chemistry and engineering, for instance.

In the rapidly moving field of plant science, Plants, People, Planet offers a platform for new and emerging plant science subject areas that have the potential for societal impact. To highlight the impact or potential impact of the research to society, all submissions should be accompanied by a ‘societal impact statement’.

Plants, People, Planet will be launched at a drinks reception on Thursday 27th July, 8-10pm, Tang room, 6th Floor, Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

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