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10 Painful Facts about College Which You Should Know Before You Enter One

20 October 2016

College is often the most sought after phase of life by students all over the world. It arrives at a time when they become adults, yet do not share all the responsibilities of one. Great power does not come with great responsibility in this case. However, many students do not realize that college is not necessarily the wonderland it was hyped up to be. There are a number of harsh realities that one gets to know about college life only after entering one.

1. Dorm food

Dorm food differs from one university to another. It may also differ from one dorm to another. The food usually meets the nutritional standards. But depending on your school, the taste, consistency, flavor, and so on may go down the drain in order to achieve it. You could just eat at restaurants if that is the case, but that is not a very economical option.

2. New people

In a new place, it is obvious that you are going to meet new people. Learning how to deal with these new people is the key to getting through college. You will be lucky if your dorm mates are friendly. This is not the case every time. Many times, your roommates may be intolerable and thus a pain to live with. The warden would not care too much about it unless there is a major incident between you people. So try your best to get along with your roommate and mind your own business as much as possible in such cases.

3. The Dormitory

Unlike your houses, college dorm rooms are meant to provide you with the basics that are required for sustenance. There will be a simple cupboard, a table, a bed and probably a bathroom if you are lucky. Many dorms have a common bathroom, which is intelligent in some ways, but inconvenient in others. Of course, you can customize your own dorm room, but the whole expense comes out of your pocket.

4. College is expensive

College is typically the most expensive part of someone’s education. Depending on where you want to study this can range anywhere from several thousand dollars to over $100k per year. Moreover, this is only the tuition fee. Study material is not cheap either. These days, nearly every prospective student must apply for student loans to pay for college, so this may be a major factor when you try to choose the college of your dream. Depending on where you live and what kind of loan you secure, you may even have to take on part time work to start paying before you even graduate!

5. High Workload

The workload supplied by a college is way more than what a high school does. The deadlines are most strict too and they do not accept any excuses for why you could not submit your work. The professors in the university have no problem awarding an F grade to a student who did not submit his or her work in time.

6. Social Pressures

One of the biggest negatives about college is that you are judged for everything you do. You are judged by your friends, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the girl you are dating and the list never ends. This creates an unnecessary pressure on you to try and conform to this society. If you are not part of the “cool gang” you shall remain anonymous for the better part of your college life. Remember never to give in to this social pressure – always be your own person.

7. Substance Abuse

College is the most likely place that one starts smoking, drinking, or taking drugs. This is a cumulative result of all the negatives of college together. From financial pressure and deadlines to social pressures and crappy food, one can start substance abuse due to any one or all of these reasons. This becomes a habit thanks to the addictive substances present in these cigarettes, drugs and alcohol. This is probably the biggest negatives since this is extremely detrimental to your health. One needs a strong willpower to avoid indulging in these activities or an amazing group of friends.

8. Monetary problems

People frequently run out of their monthly allowances in college. However, their solution to solve this problem is not always the right one. They indulge in a lot of illegal activities like betting or dealing in various types of contraband. This can often land you in trouble and appear as a blot on your permanent record. Be smart and get a proper job – the only good way to make money.

9. Home Sickness

College is usually the first time that one goes away from home and starts living somewhere else entirely. Though you may be longing to move out and live a life full of freedom, ask yourself this question – Are you ready to accept the responsibilities that come with it? Living alone is not easy. You have to take care of a lot of things like electricity bills, laundry, groceries, utilities etc. that were previously taken care of by your parents. Many people cannot cope with this and feel homesick. This, in turn, reflects on their academics and overall performance.

10. Self-Doubt

In college, you make your own independent decisions and thus you may be constantly wondering about one thing – “Am I doing the right thing?”. No matter what it is you are doing, you will not be able to help but doubt yourself. This applies to dating, the courses you take, the food you eat, the people you hang out with, and virtually everything else. The only way to get out of this is to just forget about it and do it anyway. Find out what life has to offer because of that particular choice.

Do not let these few minor things scare you. These are just a list of 10 bad things. The number of good things that come with college life are innumerable. Amazing friends, experiences, dates, knowledge, new skills are just some of the things off the top of my head. With enough research and hard work, you can choose and enter the college of your dreams, and not regret it for the foreseeable future. Both the bad experiences and the good ones are what makes college all worth it. And that is why adults still want to go back to this blissful time.

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