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News Release

Adjusting to Climate Change: Adapt or Face “Worst Case Scenario”

04 September 2014 Taylor & Francis

New findings suggest battling climate change could be a challenge, urge the global community to transform its energy system or face grim consequences.

It is evident that atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and global average temperature have been trending upward. There is scientific consensus that human activity has been contributing to climate change and that it is necessary to implement effective strategies at national and international levels to help reverse the trend in greenhouse gas emissions.

The paper by Drs. Frank Princioota and Daniel Loughlin, “Global Climate Change: The Quantifiable Sustainability Challenge,” published in the September 2014 issue of the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (JA&WMA), discusses the climate change problem, complementing the findings reported by Peterson et al. (see this paper in the February 2014 issue of JA&WMA) and provides the rationale for rapidly developing and deploying new technologies to mitigate and adapt to significant climate change.

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