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News Release

How can we make Britain more creative?

30 July 2014 British Psychological Society (BPS)

The secret of creativity is not individual genius so much as in the interactions between artists, their peers and their audience.

That is the conclusion of an article by Stephanie Taylor from the Open University that is published in the August issue of The Psychologist.

She says that this understanding of creative behaviour means it can be fostered in society:

“People can be made more creative … through education and through encouragement for the collaborations and groups that might stimulate creative outputs.”

This issue of The Psychologist also contains an interview with Diane Halpern, a past President of the American Psychological Association.

She talks about the relationship between creativity and critical thinking:

“Give your students the freedom to be creative. You tell them that creativity is value, and you suddenly get much more creative projects. It’s really that simple.”

The Psychologist is the monthly magazine of the British Psychological Society.

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