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News Release

Tourist’s trust is based on Social Media and the Web

15 April 2013 Taylor & Francis

Does social media and internet based information sources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and many more influence our decision on where we travel to and how we share our experiences with others?

The evolution of the internet and the web are major factors of the changes in the tourism and travel industries and in the ways in which tourists purchase and experience travel.

In an effort to understand tourist social media adoption in technology, a recent article published in Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism: ‘Trust and Involvement in Tourism Social Media and Web-Based Travel Information Sources’, which is free to view online until 31st September 2013, investigates how Scandinavian holiday makers staying in Mallorca, Spain use social media and the internet to make decisions on what to tour and how they share their experiences. This article used 100 participants to carry out the surveys, analysed the findings and recorded conclusions on how this method of communication affects our future trust with the increasing popularity of Smart Phones.

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