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‘Running up a down-escalator’: education and social mobility

13 February 2013 — 13 February 2013 Greenwich, University of

A new publication exploring the difficulties facing many young people in finding employment is being launched at a special event at the University of Greenwich.

The e-book, The Great Reversal: Young People, Education and Employment in a Declining Economy, is co-authored by Patrick Ainley, the university’s Professor of Training & Education, and Dr Martin Allen, an NUT activist and teacher.

 The launch takes place at a free Economic and Social Research Council seminar on the topic of precarious labour. The event will feature talks from the authors, alongside Ken Roberts, Professor of Sociology at Liverpool University; University of Greenwich academics Ian Greer and Lefteris Krestos; and Liam Burns, President of the National Union of Students.   

 Hosted by the university’s Work & Employment Research Unit, within its Business School, the seminar takes place on Wednesday 13 February between 2pm and 6pm at Hamilton House, Greenwich Campus. All are welcome and no registration is needed.

 Professor Ainley says: “Our new book aims to provide both an examination and an explanation of the workings of the Coalition’s new learning policy and its relation to the economy and labour market.

“We argue that we can’t simply educate our way out of recession by turning the clock back to minority higher education, reintroducing grammar schools and apprenticeships that employers don’t need. This will not restart social mobility. Instead, real alternatives are needed.” 

 Previous publications by Professor Ainley and Dr Allen include No country for the young: Education from New Labour to the Coalition, which also explored the Coalition’s education policy, and Why young people can’t get the jobs they want – And what can be done about it, which concluded that the current generation of young people are highly qualified yet severely underemployed.

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