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Skateboarders good for the Environment

08 February 2013 Taylor & Francis

A recent study in Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability suggests that skateboarders in Chicago perform in and transform urban spaces by exploring different terrains and developing unforeseen uses. Waxing ledges is a widespread practice among skateboarders that smoothens ledges allowing for speed and exhilaration, communicating to other skateboarders that ‘here is a cool space'. 

Yet far from damaging the environment, this timely article concludes that skateboarders have a different ethic of environmental care: an 'alternative sustainability'. Focusing on the Chicago skateboarding scene in both sanctioned skate parks and illicit skate spots, it highlights the intersections of skateboarding and the sustainability agenda in the city of Chicago.

‘Waxing ledges: built environments, alternative sustainability, and the Chicago skateboarding scene’ features in a recent Special Issue of Local Environment on Children, young people and sustainability.  

*Any views expressed in this Press Release are not those of the Taylor & Francis Group.

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