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News Release

Thousands of Psychology Research Articles Free in February

04 February 2013 Taylor & Francis

Throughout the month of February 2013 the Oxfordshire-based Routledge – an academic publisher with a pedigree over 150 years long – has made its entire collection of journal articles in the Behavioral Sciences free to access online.

The Free Your Mind initiative covers hundreds of thousands of new and classic articles in Behavioral Science, Psychology, Psychiatry, Mental Health, Neuroscience and more. The collection includes original research by some of the some of the most famous and influential authors in the field – names such as Ivan Pavlov, B.F. Skinner, R.D. Laing, Erik Erikson, Mary Ainsworth, Noam Chomsky and Phillip Zimbardo – people who have had a profound impact upon the way we think about the way we think.

This enormous scientific resource should be of huge interest to anyone remotely involved in the field – from Doctors, Journalists, Counsellors and Therapists to Researchers, Students and anyone interested in the marvels and mysteries of the human mind.

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