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Publication Announcement

Available Now – 4 Volume James Joyce Collection

29 November 2012 Taylor & Francis

This October, Routledge Major Works released the new 4 volume collection on the most important figure in modernist prose fiction – James Joyce.

The combination of a relatively modest output in work from Joyce (only two books of verse, a play, one collection of short stories and three novels) and his bold, experimental style has meant that the critique of Joyce’s work has been overwhelmingly vast.

As a result, it can be difficult to distinguish useful criticisms from the superfluous or biased evaluations. Across four volumes, the collection meets the need for an authoritative reference work for researchers and students wanting to make sense of Joycean literature and the vast quantity of critical scholarship, which has been previously scattered throughout a variety of specialist journals and books.

Selected tables of contents:

  • Encounters and Impressions
  • Obituaries and Initial Assessments of His Significance
  • Joyce and Ireland
  • Joyce and the Forms of Fiction
  • Contexts, Connections, Comparisons
  • Letters, Non-fiction, Poetry, ‘Exiles’, Giacomo Joyce
  • Ulysses
  • Finnegans Wake

For more information on the collection, visit:

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