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New Routledge Handbook offers an overview of Human Rights

16 March 2012 Taylor & Francis

Human rights is a topic that is constantly debated by politicians, organizations and ordinary people on both the domestic and international level.  From concern over how police and military personnel deal with protesters in Syria, Egypt, Oman and  New York, to the long-term and ongoing tension between China and the democracies of the western world, it is an issue that permeates the global culture. 

But do we really understand what human rights are?  Is there general agreement on what constitutes human rights, and how far they extend?  Many would argue that the right to freedom of expression is a human right, but what about hate speech and slander?  Are education and health care human rights, or are they privileges afforded by money and status?   

In mapping out the field of human rights for those studying and researching within both humanities and social science disciplines, the Handbook of Human Rights not only provides a solid foundation for the reader who wants to learn the basic parameters of the field, but also promotes new thinking and frameworks for the study of human rights in the twenty-first century.

The Handbook comprises over sixty individual contributions from key figures around the world, which are grouped according to eight key areas of discussion:

  • foundations and critiques;
  • new frameworks for understanding human rights;
  • world religious traditions and human rights;
  • social, economic, group, and collective rights;
  • critical perspectives on human rights organizations, institutions, and practices;
  • law and human rights;
  • narrative and aesthetic dimension of rights;
  • geographies of rights.

In its presentation and analysis of the traditional core history and topics, critical perspectives, human rights culture, and current practice, this Handbook proves a valuable resource for all students and researchers with an interest in human rights.

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