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9 Payloads for first VEGA flight / / 07-02-2012

08 February 2012 European Space Agency (ESA)

REPLAY: 07-Feb-12 16:00 - 16:00 GMT
9 Payloads for first VEGA flight

The first qualification Vega flight from its new launch pad at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana is scheduled to take place on 13 February.

This maiden voyage is meant to qualify not only the newly built VEGA launch pad but also the different elements of this new launcher and of course what is the objective of all this: the delivery of satellites on orbit.

Indeed it will be a multiple-passenger: 9 payloads in total, for scientific or educational missions.

Making up the primary payload for this inaugural flight are two Italian satellites: LARES and ALMaSat-1, thanks to the collaboration between the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.

Also flying are seven nanosatellites, called CubeSat, developed by universities from ESA member- or cooperating states, in the framework of ESA Education programme.

For more info on this subject please check the script that is online as a DOC file under :

A WMV preview clip is online under :

More background information can be found on

The MPEG-2 files are on the ESA ftp server in the folder entitled :

Transmission details:
Reception Parameters for 4.8 degrees East
Satellite Sirius 4
Transponder B28
Centre Frequency 12245.340 MHz
Polarisation Offset 0 degrees
Polarisation State Vertical
FEC Rate 3/4*188/204
Symbolrate 27.5 Megasymbols/s

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