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Publication Announcement

'Electric Cars' - The first illustrated book devoted to the theme

08 February 2012 MIT Portugal Program

Carros eléctricos (Electric Cars),by Jorge Martins and Francisco Brito, is the first comprehensive illustrated book devoted to electric cars and is intended to illustrate the history of electric vehicles, from the time they have emerged until nowadays. The book was just launched yesterday at Lisbon, Portugal. Both authors are researchers at the MIT Portugal Research Project: Mobi - Assessment and Development of Integrated Systems for Electric Vehicles.

Carros Eléctricos is a comprehensive work and visually striking, with many illustrations and photographs. The book aims to show the history of electric vehicles, from the time that have emerged and have become market leaders (at the turn of the nineteenth to the XX) to the present day, which seems to have gained a new "breath”. It traces the development of pure electric cars (only with battery), but also the route of hybrids and fuel cells, which have been developed over the years and played a key role in the evolution of electric mobility.

Given the numerous initiatives that Portugal has witnessed in this field, such as MOBI-program and now in the process of internationalization, a chapter is devoted to electric vehicles developed in Portugal. In the book we can still find two vehicles developed under the project of the MIT Portugal: CEPIUM (Electric Car Plug-in developed at the University of Minho) and VEC (Electric Vehicle Competition - developed by the School of Engineering, University of Porto).


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