National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ)

The Institute is a Polish state owned laboratory. It conducts pure and applied research on subatomic physics, i.e. elementary particle, astroparticle, plasma physics, low and high energy nuclear physics, and related fields. The Institute specializes in accelerator physics and technology, material research with nuclear techniques, the development of spectrometric techniques, nuclear electronics and also in applications of nuclear techniques to environmental research, nuclear medicine etc.
Apart from scientific departments, there is a separate production unit operating within the Institute - ZdAJ (the Establishment for Nuclear Equipment). This unit specializes in medical equipment, notably in the production of linear electron accelerators for oncology and in the production of linear accelerators for industry.
Main site of the Institute is located in Swierk, 30 km SE from Warsaw. There are also three scientific departments of IPJ located in Warsaw (Hoza Str. 69) and one scientific department located in Lodz (Uniwersytecka Str. 5).